I remember the feeling of getting out of school for the summer – excited was a complete understatement. Flash forward a few weeks and I was bored and restless.

If you have kids in need of some serious entertainment on those long summer days, we’re here to help! We’ve rounded up eight fun summer activities you can do with your kiddos inside or out.

Indoor Crafts

Keep an activity in your back pocket for the inevitable rainy days that come along. From DIY paper flowers to transforming cardboard boxes into fun toys, your kids will have lots to do until the rain passes. Bonus: they’re great to play with after the crafting session ends.

Make a Felt Activity Wall

For a more advanced and all-day DIY project, here’s everything you’ll need to make a felt activity wall for the kids. It’s fun, entertaining and you can always make more felt pieces later on.

Build a Covered Sandbox

Summer is hot, hot, hot. As a kid, I could play outside all day but the summer heat would send me inside exhausted and burned. Here’s a great solution: build a covered sandbox so your kids can enjoy the outdoors and escape the hot sun.

Build a Backyard Playhouse

This is a genius idea and I wish I had my own when I was younger. It’s a backyard playhouse with a roof hatch, which can only mean one thing…sleepovers! Your kids will have their own space to hang out during the day, and when the evening rolls around they can easily close it up.

Classic Lemonade Stand

We all had one and now it’s time to make your kids their own extra special lemonade stand. Instead of a simple table with a tablecloth, make a deluxe lemonade stand that’s guaranteed to attract neighborhood customers.