Communication gap between a parent and a child is very harmful for the development of child. It is very important to talk to kids freely to develop a sense of security and trust in them. Read on to know how to prevent and fill the communication gap between parents and kids.
Communication gap or the lack of communication between parents and their kids occur when they do not understand each other and fail to communicate easily. World is very advanced today. There is absolutely no time for effective communication as everyone is busy. It is now high time that parents learn to identify the differences they have with their children and break those barriers as early as possible. Communication gap between parents and kids is quite common these days and the same is preventable if you can take out some time and follow certain rules.

Be a Good Listener

Some children do not open up easily even to their parents. This happens when the parent is trying to be rigid or impose their ideas on their little one. Lend a sympathetic ear to your children whenever she wants to talk to you. Your work can wait. Be available to them always. Better not to interrupt them when they are in the middle of a conversation. Do not interrogate them much. When your kids are initiating the talk, do listen to them even if you do not agree with them. Indulge in open conversation.

Keep Yourself Updated

Your children are more matured and advanced than you are when it comes to modern technologies. Embrace and understand your children’s world. Upgrade yourself from time to time so that you can understand your children better. Social networking is so much prevalent among children these days, which may lead them in trouble at times. It is your responsibility to guide them and keep them away from any possible dangers of internet.


Bonding with Your Children

Create an emotional bond with your children. Spend some quality time with them and understand them. Erase all negativity from your talk. Appreciate your children whenever he deserves it. Reward them for their good work. By doing this you are building a trust with your children.  Hug and kiss your children quite often. Showering love through different gestures like hugging, kissing, patting etc; and emotional bonding are equally important to break all the barriers between you and your children.

Be Flexible with Your Ideas

Children do not open up easily when they find you rigid. Make your children’s interests your interests irrespective of the generation gap. Time is changing. You cannot expect your children to grow up and conform to old ways of thinking. You have to be flexible enough to accept the ideas of your children and their way of thinking. As your children grow, their behavioural and thinking patterns change. Adapt yourself as per your children’s needs.

Be Your Children’s Friend

There are no boundaries or limits in friendship. Make your children your friend. Spend time together, have at least a meal in a day together. How about reading a book together? Know their limits and do not push them to do things beyond their capacity. Who can understand your children better than you? Let there be no barriers between you and your children. Give space for free flow of thoughts and ideas. Schedule some playtime with them.

Open all the doors and windows of communication with your children. Be willing and prepared to talk. Keep talking to your children. They need you. Regular communication with them will bring both you and your children closer.  Accept and adjust with the change. Build a healthy relationship with your children. Trust your children. Overnight it is not possible to break the barriers. It will take some time. Be patient enough to let it happen. Your children also need to trust you. Be sincere and honest in your approach. Communication is an art and you too can master it with time.

What are the cause of communication gap between parents and children? How to prevent the communication gap between parents and children? Why it is a must for parents to talk freely with kids? Discuss here.