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Joint Family is a type of extended family composed of parents, their children, and the children’s spouses and offspring in one household. In Pakistan previously Joint family system was found in a large number and was the most prefer system in Pakistan but now in Today’s world of globalization and urbanization joint family system is losing its roots and family system in Pakistan has been converted in nuclear family system.
Both the system joint and nuclear has its own advantages and disadvantages but today I will only discuss JOINT FAMILY SYSTEM. Both the systems advantages and disadvantages are based of personal experience of individual and different from one another.



In my opinion some people prefer joint family system on different basis sometime on the basis of financial support because in joint family system financial burden is shared by all the members of the family.

DISADVANTAGE: When financial burden is shared by all members than it will reduce burden and people will divide their responsibility and feel relax but in my opinion this is not rite because I have seen families living in joint family system sharing burden of each other but not happily they consider others as a burden and want to live their own life but later on it is not possible and when financial burden will be supported by other members than the members who will be dependent on other for supporting financially will stop struggling and they want the same support from other whole life and this thing is not possible and in this financial crisis time. Later on these things create problems and became the cause of tension among family members.


In joint family system love and respect is the most important factor for elders and all the family members. This system is being control by the dominating member of the family and his or her say really matters and this has also some disadvantage.

DISADVANTAGE: Its not like that I am against joint family system but the things is that all these points which I am explaining to my readers is based on my own personal experience. In joint family system one family member is the dominating head which result in disrespect and clash of opinions of other members. Excessive stress and lack of tolerance level among us result in clash off all the members on the basis of difference of opinion. All people have the right to express the feeling and share the opinion and lead the lives on the basis of their own choice but if other individual will disagree with the head of the family than it will be consider as disrespect. So at the end of the day no mutual respect an love left among individual.


In the joint family system old norms and values are so strong that if someone dare to change it than he or she will be consider as different. This system really supports community basis and same caste and race. If a family member want to get married out of the community than it will be hard for the new member to adjust and it will be hard for others members of the family to adjust themselves with the other community members and this is the reason why joint family support same community because the new will not aspect the norms of the family and results in disorganized family. So it become really hard for a new comer to adjust her self and it definitely results in clash and disturbance. So people living in joint family system should get married on the basis of their family choice in this way only life will be easy for all the members.


There are so many points to write but rite but now I am not at all feeling well so I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of joint family system in detail in my next blog. And all my readers can take this blog as an introductory blog for such a debatable topic but as far some of these points are concerned are totally on basis of my personal experience. As far I am concerned later in my life I will not prefer Joint family system because My experience in joint family system is not at all good and I always have a clash because of my thinking and in joint family system all members opinions doesn’t matter but this is not the disadvantage. We the individuals are making joint family system the worst system otherwise this system can be the best in future.